Community Financial Management Services

Financial strength and stability are critical to maintaining the health of your community long term. Omni Management Group understands from experience what it takes to achieve it. We provide expert financial management to every community we work with to develop and act on a plan for building long-term value. Partnering with Omni Management Group can lead to significant savings of time and cost for your HOA. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to collectively maximize your return on investment.

Here’s an introduction to the Financial services Omni Management Group can assist you with:

Account Management

Open insured bank accounts, reconcile all accounts, define a chart of accounts, and create journals

Financial Statements

Prepare customized monthly financial statements and maintain association records

Performance Transparency

Provide balance sheets, P&L statements, income statements, and year-to-date comparisons

Accountant Relations

Coordinate with your accountant to prepare 1099s and file state and federal tax returns

Budget Management

Prepare and maintain annual budget for your community

Fund Distribution

Pay authorized bills, including preparation and distribution of checks

Investment Management

Monitor your investment funds and rollover dates

Charter Enforcement

Sending delinquency notices and violation letters

Collections Services

Supervising collections and working with collection attorneys when necessary


Overseeing escrow demands

Financial Security

Managing electronic funds via secured computers

Refinancing and Ownership Transfer

Helping you secure the best rates and facilitating transfer of ownership


Create and manage special assessment billing

Easy Access

Provide online access to owner financials

Reserve Studies

Assist in Creating reserve studies for long-term capital budget planning

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