Association Services

The needs of every community are unique. It’s Omni Management Group’s extensive history working with homeowners’ associations that sets us apart in our ability to offer the personalized management services needed to add value to your community, while helping you save time and money. We work with you to start from a core foundation of your community’s needs and build a solution and plan tailored to meeting them. From negotiating volume-based contracts with vendors to information acquisition and facilities management, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your demands for homeowners’ association management.

Here’s a sampling of the Association services Omni Management Group can assist you with:

Annual meeting assistance

Setup services, mailing of meeting notices, and a quorum

Meeting administration

Meeting agenda compilation and distribution

Board Consultation

Providing professional consultation to the Board of Directors

Board Support

Assisting the Board in the resolution of member disputes

Governing Document Enforcement

Ensuring property conditions meet requirements and enforcing governing documents

Securing Service Contracts

Negotiating and soliciting service contracts on behalf of your community

Staffing Needs

Hiring, training, and supervising on-site personnel or subcontractors

Resale Screening

Establishing and maintaining a resale screening process

Reliable Support

Prompt response to all service or emergency requests

Emergency Services

24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year

Resale Certificate Management

Completing and processing resale certificates and assisting owners and agents to sell homes in the HOA

Professional Services

Accounting, billing and financial management services to boost your bottom line

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